About Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy

Josee studied Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy with Dolores Cannon July 2011 in Sedona. I was very attracted to her style of treatments because parts of the session is focuses on working with the subconscious or superconscious. I’ve discovered that the advantage of working with the super conscious is that, that part of ourselves does not hold negative beleifs about who and what we are.

The superconsciousness knows that we are only energy and energy can be manipulated with thought or belief.

If you truly believe you can heal. Guess what? You can heal.

If you believe you can’t heal. Guess what? You can’t heal.

Through relaxation, you enter what is called a hypnotic trance. In that state, you connect to the part of yourself that remembers who you are and who you were, in all dimensions of time. In this state of relaxation you can change anything you are ready to change, in the past, present and futur.

The only thing holding you back is your beliefs.



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