About Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Awakening The Illuminated HeartIn the Awakening The Illuminated Heart® workshop, Drunvalo explains that heart as the center of our beings, the place from which our energetic auras, light bodies, electromagnetic fields and torus fields spring. It is the key to transcending reality, manifesting miracles and breaking free from the Matrix. The brain cannot achieve this alone, no matter what it imagines. It must be fired and energized by the power of the heart.
What to expect during the A.T.I.H. workshop:
  • we will be connecting very deeply to the source of our being which resides in our hearts
  • feel our heart connections (unity) through exercises and movements.
  • we will be connecting the brain to the sacredness of the heart to awaken the third eye
  • we will learn how to activate a permanent Merkaba (light body) from our hearts
  • and we will begin to understand the process of creating from this unified field that is within us
“This workshop is the precise instructions on how to enter the new world”

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