Perfect Combination – A Truly Dynamic Duo

Josee BoulianneAs a guest writer, I would like to introduce Josee Boulianne, and share a little about why her Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, as taught to her by Dolores Cannon, is such a perfect match to her teaching as a certified Awakening the Illuminated Heart facilitator.

Drunvalo MelchizedekDrunvalo Melchizidek teaches that the one barrier to entering the sacred space, and the tiny space of the heart, might be leftover trauma, pain, fear, etc., from this life and/or past life experiences.  While every effort is made to clear the way in the ATIH Workshop, there’s always more, isn’t there?

Josee’s abilities can help you to continue to find clarity in your heart and mind and soul, which then allows for full access to the sacred space, and then the tiny space of the heart.

Dolores CannonThe unique nature of Dolores Cannon’s teachings also complement and enhance the work of finding our way in the universe, in the cosmos, in the eternal purposes we all share.

It takes one to know one, and as a hypnotherapist myself, as a teacher and a fellow seeker, I can see that Josee has a special light, one that anyone would be wise to follow.

Having read everything that Drunvalo ever wrote, and the more I read about Dolores Cannon’s work, I am convinced that Josee has found the perfect combination of teachings to facilitate a person’s growing by leaps and bounds and unfettered flight into the next dimension.  I feel blessed to know her.


Julia Fairchild

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