Perfect Combination – A Truly Dynamic Duo

Josee BoulianneAs a guest writer, I would like to introduce Josee Boulianne, and share a little about why her Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, as taught to her by Dolores Cannon, is such a perfect match to her teaching as a certified Awakening the Illuminated Heart facilitator.

Drunvalo MelchizedekDrunvalo Melchizidek teaches that the one barrier to entering the sacred space, and the tiny space of the heart, might be leftover trauma, pain, fear, etc., from this life and/or past life experiences.  While every effort is made to clear the way in the ATIH Workshop, there’s always more, isn’t there?

Josee’s abilities can help you to continue to find clarity in your heart and mind and soul, which then allows for full access to the sacred space, and then the tiny space of the heart.

Dolores CannonThe unique nature of Dolores Cannon’s teachings also complement and enhance the work of finding our way in the universe, in the cosmos, in the eternal purposes we all share.

It takes one to know one, and as a hypnotherapist myself, as a teacher and a fellow seeker, I can see that Josee has a special light, one that anyone would be wise to follow.

Having read everything that Drunvalo ever wrote, and the more I read about Dolores Cannon’s work, I am convinced that Josee has found the perfect combination of teachings to facilitate a person’s growing by leaps and bounds and unfettered flight into the next dimension.  I feel blessed to know her.


Julia Fairchild

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I Am the Dreamer!

Awakening the Illuminated Heart has honestly changed my life.  It taught me to trust my connection to life. I am standing in the middle of my dream as the dreamer and I am about to wake up so that I can consciously choose (with God) what I prefer to experience. I realize that in order to consciously wake up I need to hold the key, which I believe is love. Love allows me to be a vibrational match to life all around me. When I am in love I can then begin learning about Unity and what that really means.  My heart holds the truth about who I really am, my mind sees the illusions.  Being in the sacred space of my heart allows me to see the truth, hear the truth and be the truth.

It was difficult to love myself when I began my journey. I had all of the reasons to not be in the flow. I believed I was separate from what I was seeking. I struggled inside, not feeling love but feeling only the wall keeping it out.

After my first workshop with Drunvalo in 2007, I stopped for lunch in Edmonton on my way home. As I was returning to my car I met a man in the parking lot. He had real tears of pain in his eyes and I could clearly see his physical pain and suffering from the way he was walking. He limped to me and asked for some change to get home. He had been walking about 10 blocks and could no longer stand the pain in his legs.  I knew he was saying the truth because I had seen him a couple of blocks away. I reached in my wallet and gave him some change. Then I returned to my car and cried. I could not stop the flow of tears that was being released. This man was acting as a mirror representing my own journey home.  The pain and suffering as a child, my difficulty walking on my path. My stubbornness of walking alone even though it hurt.  Finally…. finally I had asked life to help me. Asking for assistance so that this journey not be so lonely.  And I had gotten change in return. Life was giving me what I needed to get myself home. Meeting Drunvalo, friends, receiving love, compassion, information and gifts of understanding. I was on my way home!!!

My second lesson, was understanding that I was never separate from source. I was always supported and loved in every possible way. I just wasn’t listening. I was too busy focusing on what I didn’t have, who I wasn’t.  Focusing on what I could not see, what I could not hear or sense. I know now that it is impossible to not hear, see or feel. You cannot be separate from source. But you can be focused on something else. God loves you so much that he will even allow you to believe you are separate if that’s what you choose. We know we are eternal, we know we were created from God, then what makes us think we are separate! Remember who you are, you are a divine being that can reflex the love of the divine into this reality we call life. Remember your connection to source. You ARE the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

Life is such an amazing gift when you are in its flow.

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